Artists Statement

By Karen A. Ciske

 Even though I have always admired and appreciated art, my journey of art application began after eleven (11) years of working in the Oscoda County Clerk and Probate Offices. In August 1996, I left that behind to pursue a career as an Artist.
I have always paid attention to the aesthetics in life. It is a large part of who I am. My artistic abilities help me to express myself as well as to expound on God's many blessings. These blessings move me, and painting is a way to fill this need to express how moved I am. I enjoy transferring the special moments of life to an artistic medium. My subjects typically include people, nature's beauty, man's interaction with his surroundings and heartwarming scenes of simpler times. I enjoy the process of creating through painting, a captured moment. The media in which I currently work are primarily oils and watercolors. Creating a painting is its own reward. I feel additionally blessed when I see that one of my works touches someone's senses. When the painting evokes similar feelings between the viewer and I, it is a special bonus, as we have shared in a common bond.

As I continue to journey down my artistic road, I wish to build on what I have already learned and progress to become a Master of my own style. It excites me to know that I can keep improving. I want to continue to share my artwork with others in hopes that it will bring to them as much joy as it does to me.

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